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(CAN)Calcium Nitraue

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Calcium Nitrate(GCN/CAN)

Molecular formula:5Ca(NO3)2.NH

Product Introduction:

Fluorspar (Fluorite) is used as flux in metallurgy industry. For instance, add in fluorite in the process of stell-making, the melting point of lime can be reduced and improve the fluidity of slag, and elevate desulfurize efficiency. In blast furnace, fluorite plays a role of washing the furnace through reducing the melting point and eliminating the burls on the furnace wall. Itis also employed in silicate industry for making opaque glass, pottery and porcelains.

Fluorspar Powder Usage: Use for in metallurgy industry, glass industry and ceramic industry.

Packing and storage:

In 25kg, 50kg, 1000kg net bage, store at a cool, dry and well ventilated place.


NO. Specifications Technical Requirements
1 Main contents%as CaF2          99.0
2 SiO2%     61.0
3 CaCO3 % 11.8
4 P ≤ 4.4-4.8
5 Moisture% 10
6 S ≤ 0.001
7 Mesh ≥ 200mesh passing80%
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