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How to grasp the number and time of orchid fertilizer

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Orchid fertilizer season from late spring to late autumn end, which focus on the growing season. 1 times a day, 3 days can be 2 or 1 times a week, according to the specific circumstances. To certain i

  Orchid fertilizer season from late spring to late autumn end, which focus on the growing season. 1 times a day, 3 days can be 2 or 1 times a week, according to the specific circumstances. To certain interval time watering and fertilizing, in order to facilitate the absorption of fertilizer, and can clean the retention fertilizer. The temperatures are moderate fertilizer requirements, generally 18 - 25 ℃ is most suitable, avoid over 30 ℃ or 10 ℃ operation. Because the temperature is too high fertilization will hurt the orchid, is too low can not be absorbed, waste of fertilizer.

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