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Citrus spring insecticidal fertilizer management measures

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  In spring, the dormant period of Citrus has ended, root activity began, spring bud germination, bud appeared. With the rise of temperature, plant diseases and insect pests will also have occurred, t

  In spring, the dormant period of Citrus has ended, root activity began, spring bud germination, bud appeared. With the rise of temperature, plant diseases and insect pests will also have occurred, therefore, the spring of Citrus fertilizer management and pest control is very important. Fertilizer and water management, a spring of Citrus Fertilizer and water management 1, citrus trees Last year the autumn planting survival of the young trees, fertilization should follow the principle of "eating". I a 2 years old tree to foliar spraying, supplemented by ground fertilization. The ground fertilizer concentration to dilute, use with nitrogen fertilizer, phosphorus, potassium fertilizer appropriate mix, promote root growth, let young multiple shoots. For the young tree, February should be citrus orchard soil shallow over, to loosen the soil, enhance soil permeability. In the spring shoots before germination, applying a pro tip fertilizer (with available nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer supplement), growth in order to promote the spring shoot germination and root, at the same time with the phosphate fertilizer and potassium fertilizer and other fertilizer, balanced fertilization. Because the tree root growth range is small, weak absorption of fertility, fertilization should be applied, a small number of Qin Shi Boshi; application of fertilizer application methods of the method can be used to implement circular sulcus, don't broadcast. Fertilizer and water management, 2 adult trees Adult trees blossom need large amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements. The results of tree in bud before fertilizer to nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer appropriate collocation. If less amount of tree growth over the previous year results, the doctrine of the mean less applied or not applied; if the previous year results, while picking fertilizer is not implemented or spread fewer trees, bud fertilizer must be applied before. General in late January to mid February, per plant should be applied into adult citrus trees 0.2 kg 0.2-0.3 kg urea, compound fertilizer. Flowering fertilizer at the same time, adding 0.3% urea solution was sprayed on the leaves. In order to make orange in the florescence can absorb enough nutrients, improve fruit set rate, so the flower fertilizer should be carried out in 20 days before the arrival of flowering, the method of application using strip furrow, not a broadcast, timely irrigation after fertilization. 3 old trees, fertilizer and water management Characteristics of old tree in spring shoots as the main branch of the result, so we should increase the amount of fertilizer before germination, promote the spring shoot to lay the foundation for the next years results, fertilizer with nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer mix. 4, clean up the orchard drains, drain the water, so as to avoid the rain water, affected root growth and root rot, caused by dropping, more than 10 consecutive days of hot and dry weather, to timely watering, keep the soil moist and loose, in favor of root absorbing water and fertilizer. Two, citrus spring pruning Pruning principle: number and amount of flowers pruning should be considered growth strength, volume results, grasp the pruning and pruning period. If growth is strong, the result is normal, flowers and more, should be appropriate to add heavy pruning, pruning time may be appropriate in the early last year, and results in high volume, growth is weak, spend less orange trees, pruning should be light, and pruning time may be appropriate to defer. The pruning objects: Based on the winter pruning, pruning of autumn shoots and autumn shoots of spring should be the main task. Cut off all that late autumn shoots, proper pruning or short cut part of autumn, to promote and improve the quality of flower buds. Pay attention to the aging results branch group (Group) and cross branch, overlapping branches were sparse deleted or short cut processing. In addition, the crown high orange trees, should reduce the crown by, saw a big canopy, improve internal illumination conditions, promote inner crown shoot out, gradually forming a three-dimensional pattern of results. Three, orange flower and fruit retention technology The good flower fertilizer and strong fruit fertilizer, increase the fruit setting rate. The growth of large deviation flowers citrus trees, application of a high quality, quick acting fertilizer on flower 70%, according to the crown size and decide, general every line using 45% potassium sulfate compound fertilizer 0.3-0.4 kg: the amount of flowers is normal or small tree, no nitrogen fertilizer, application of organic fertilizer only flower fertilizer and phosphorus, potash, to suppress the summer shoot sprouting, Eli and fruit. Stable fruit fertilizer potassium add appropriate amount of phosphate fertilizer or fertilizer; strong fruit fertilizer and potash fertilizer. The foliage dressing should be in the spring bud germination to blossom before the spray two times 0.2% potassium dihydrogen phosphate, rainy days Di nucleotide, one with 0.1% borax; fruit with pest control or fruit sprayed with 2-3 times foliar fertilizer. Four, timely control of diseases and pests To cause the flower and fruit drop and reduce the quality of main pests (bud mites, mites) prevention and control work. Citrus bud mung bean size, choose the day after rain the crown land for ground application, killing bud bud from maggot, is white, with dichlorvos liquid spraying crown kill bud maggot oviposition. Chemical control red spider should be considered pests and decide, spring bud before germinating if red spider serious with lime sulfur mixture on the orchard spraying once spring shoots after germination; leaves turn green, if the red spider serious use propargite PL acaricide spraying time.

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