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"Five note" efficient application of potassium fertilizer

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  Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K) is necessary for plant growth of three nutrient elements, the lack of any one of them will affect the normal growth and development and yield of crop. Wit

  Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K) is necessary for plant growth of three nutrient elements, the lack of any one of them will affect the normal growth and development and yield of crop. With the popularization of formula fertilization by soil testing, most of the farmers have a certain understanding of crop potassium fertilizer, but in the specific application should also be "five note". One, pay attention to crop response to potassium application. The application of potassium fertilizer production are mainly KCl, K2SO4, KCl with K2O50%-60% and the price is cheap, applicable to the general field crops and cucumber, bitter gourd and so on crop sulfur sensitive; K2SO4 containing K2O48%-52%, price is high, suitable for watermelon, sweet potato, potato, grapes, tobacco, peach tree, pear tree crops. Two, pay attention to potassium application period. Potassium fertilizer should be applied early, generally by the base fertilizer mainly. The fertilizer poor soil can be divided into the proper application, in order to reduce the loss of potassium. Such as: K uptake by maize is mainly in the seedling stage to heading stage, blossom basic no longer absorption. Three, pay attention to fertilization. Potassium fertilizer science, can increase crop yield, improve the quality of agricultural products, enhance crop lodging, disease resistance, drought resistance; but excessive application of potassium fertilizer, not only waste, will also cause the yellow leaf, stem heartburn and other physiological disease, and even affect the yield and quality. Potassium required different crops are different, watermelon, fruit trees need more corn, cotton to potassium; potassium medium; peanut, soybean and other legume crops, potato and sweet potato on the potassium is very sensitive but need not much, wheat, millet to potassium less. Application of four, N, P, and organic fertilizer. One is the normal metabolism of objects within the requirements of various nutrients to maintain relative balance; the two is the interaction between fertilizer and many nutrients, even should the K and N effect is the most obvious, there are "complementary"; three is the organic fertilizer can be adsorbed potassium, to prevent the loss of potassium. Five, pay attention to the application method and application of depth. At present, the I, K rate is generally 34% to 46%, in order to improve the utilization rate of potassium fertilizer, should be deep application, application. Because the potassium was fixed in soil, so potassium should be applied to the root distribution of soil, in order to facilitate the root absorption; generally use the features, application method.

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